Helpful Information

If Your Illegally Parked Car Was Impounded By Ace Towing

If your vehicle has been impounded by Ace Towing due to illegal parking, rest assured that your vehicle is safe, local law enforcement has been notified, and North Carolina law is being followed. 

We realize that having your vehicle impounded can be frustrating, inconvenient and an unexpected expense.  Our goal is to help you get your vehicle back quickly and professionally.  Here are a couple of thoughts to keep in mind if this happens to you.

  • Take a few deep breaths. Getting angry or upset only makes matters worse.  It’s important to realize that we are only fulfilling our obligation to our client (the property owner), and following specific requirements per NC State law and local ordinances.  You can get more information on the state of North Carolina towing laws here. 
  • We never tow illegally parked vehicles without written permission from the property owner or manager.  this occurs in one of two ways:
    • We have an existing contract with the owner to enforce their rules (handicap zone, reserved area, no permit, etc).  In this case, we proactively patrol for violations and tow violators.
    • We receive an "on-demand request" from the owner or manager to remove a vehicle. We may or may not have existing authorization to tow.  If we do not have the authorization, once the owner/manager is verified, we have them sign a permission form before we tow.
  • Ace Towing always respects your vehicle and property. We use cutting-edge equipment.  When we tow, the only parts of your vehicle our equipment touches are your tires. Our storage facility is inspected for compliance by the Highway Patrol, Raleigh Police and Wake Co Sheriff regularly.  
  • Our employees are trained to always be professional and courteous. Please reciprocate that courtesy when you interact with us.  Members of our staff make no decisions in the towing process or the rates Ace Towing charges.  Our fees are non-negotiable.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Vehicles Towed for Unauthorized Parking

Why was my vehicle towed?

The reason we towed your vehicle is that your vehicle was parked on someone's private property without permission.  We play no part in the decision process. We adhere to the contract we hold with property owners.

How do I know you did not damage my vehicle? 

Ace Towing has been towing vehicles in Raleigh for over 25 years.  Vehicles are towed by an auto-loading truck, with or without the use of dollies, based on the make and model of your vehicle.

When can I pick up my vehicle?

Our  office is open- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday- Friday, and 9:00 am-12:00 pm (noon) on Saturday.  As a service to you, if you need your vehicle after hours, our after-hours team will help you reclaim your vehicle 24 hours a day, at no additional charge.  Call us at 919-821-2121 to reclaim your vehicle after hours.

Where is my vehicle, and where do I pick my vehicle up? 

You can pick up your vehicle at our office and storage yard, located at 1533 South Blount St.  Raleigh, NC 27603.   A Google Map link is provided below for your convenience.

How much does it cost to get my car back? 

The fee to get your vehicle back for illegal parking is the same for everyone: $180 for the tow, and $35 per day storage fee as well.  We accept cash or credit/debit card.

When do daily storage fees start to accumulate?

Storage fees start the next calendar day after your vehicle was towed.

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