Illegal Parking Enforcement Towing For Raleigh NC

No Fee To The Property Owner- All Fees Paid By Vehicle Owner by NC Law

Solutions to Unauthorized Parking on Private Property and Parking Lots

No Parking!

Rules are made for a reason. There are over 800,000 registered vehicles in Wake County, and they have to be parked somewhere. As Raleigh grows, parking spaces  are becoming increasingly harder to find, especially in downtown and midtown.  As a result, some drivers park their cars wherever they find it convenient, even if it is on private property. Likewise, other drivers park in reserved or handicapped parking spaces on property that is owned by homeowner associations and apartment complexes. The consequence of their trespassing is the loss of parking for others who are actually entitled to park there.  Retail stores and restaurants can lose business when they don't have adequate parking, and it is a nuisance for everyone. Since the vehicle is parked private property, the police won't have the vehicle removed.

If you are an owner or manager of private property in Raleigh having a problem with unauthorized vehicles occupying your parking spaces, we can help! We offer parking enforcement services to help keep your property free of illegally parked vehicles. We customize our programs based on your needs. By NC law, we sign contract that spells out exactly what you allow us to do to help you, and we provide signage for your parking lot to warn drives the consequences of parking there.

Not every parking enforcement problem needs to result in vehicles being towed.  You decide when towing happens. Often, the signs we provide free of charge take care of most parking problems. We can also provide warning stickers to tag vehicles for HOA's and residential lots.  You can decide when we remove illegally parked cars from your parking lot:

  • Special Events
  • Upon your request (only once contract is signed per law)
  • Routine patrol by Ace Towing
  • Random patrol by Ace Towing

Non-Consentual Towing Professionals

It is perfectly legal for a property owner to have unauthorized vehicles parked on their property towed and impounded in the state of North Carolina.  You can see the actual NC House Bill here:



Why Choose Ace Towing and Recovery?

  • Ace Towing, founded by a Raleigh NC Police Sergeant, continues to hold safety, integrity, and protection as our highest values.
  • Our tow truck drivers are all thoroughly trained, courteous professionals.
  • We have a diverse fleet of well maintained, fully equipped trucks to provide a damage-free tow for any vehicle, even premium and exotic cars.
  • We have an inviting, professional office for drivers to reclaim their vehicles, and it is only 2 minutes off of I-40 and downtown.
  • Our barb-wired-fence vehicle storage yard is well-lit with 24/7 video monitoring.

Does Your Property Have A Low Clearance Area Or Multi-Level Garage?


With features like low-profile halogen lighting, our low-clearance fleet of tow trucks can fit in 7' garages!